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Armattan Quads

Armattan Quad Gear Solder - 38/62 Rosin

Armattan Quad Gear Solder - 38/62 Rosin

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Armattan Quad Gear Solder - 38/62 Rosin

We use a slightly higher percentage of tin compared with the classic 60/40 offered in most hobby stores. This allows for a lower melting point making soldering, and especially desoldering less risky for your gear. In other words, the less time your soldering tip is applied onto a PCB, (be it an FC, an ESC or an RX), the less the whole PCB will heat up. This means fewer chances of overheating PCBs and other sensitive electronic equipment.

If that was not enough, we use non-corrosive and non-conductive rosin core so that you never have to use flux again.

To boot, it comes in a small affordable package that allows for building at least 100 quads worth of the stuff. You'll be set, no less. 









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