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Armattan Oomph TITAN Mini 1407 3650 KV Motor - CW or CCW

Armattan Oomph TITAN Mini 1407 3650 KV Motor - CW or CCW

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Motor Specifications

Stator Diameter


Stator Height


KV (rpm/Volt)


Weight (each)

13g (short wires)

Recommended Props

3 or 4 inch

LiPo Compatibility


Prop Mount Height

5mm *

Prop Mount Diameter


Interior Threading

5mm CW or CCW


N52H arc magnets

Stator Laminations



Single Wire


Genuine NMB

PINK CHAMELEON - Team Armattan pilot Suki FPV flying OOmph 2205 motors

Armattan OOmph TITAN Mini 1407/3650kv

Important Note: We recommend that you purchase motors threaded in both directions.
Prop strikes where bolt threads match rotation can lead to loosened and lost mounting hardware.

Note: This product is absolutely adorable.

Do you love the style and features of the OOmph, but are looking for something that that swings 3 or 4 inch props on a light frame? If so, Armattan's TITAN MiNi 1407 motors are the choice for you. Designed and produced with the finest quality materials, these brushless beasts provide topnotch fun for your favorite micro build.

These motors give you what you want and expect from the OOmph series, but for a smaller motor; an M2/13xx mounting pattern, a screw that secures a hollow shaft, and genuine NMB bearings. Like the first motor in this lineup, Armattan's unique twist comes in the form of the OOmph prop-fastening adapter on top. Why this design? Well, by now you know the drill. After rigorous testing (read: lots of crashes) it was observed that standard exterior-threaded shafts can be heavy, can bind on props, and require large hardware to remove (who wants to carry around a socket wrench?). This is why the OOmph motors were conceived with a better solution.

A new approach to a familiar task.

With Armattan's innovative design changing props is easy. All that holds the propeller down is a standard M3 bolt and washer combination on the top of the motor. Once the bolt is unscrewed, the propeller and washer will slide of of the smooth shaft. Gone are the days of fighting to pull off a blade-less hub and coming away bruised and bloodied. Besides eliminating binding, the OOmph motors have a shorter (lighter) shaft and require only a hex-key (Allen Wrench) for a prop-swap. Another added feature of this solution is that you can tighten the prop-bolt much tighter without fear of stripping anything. This means you don't need to worry about fitting locknuts in above the prop. We do recommend that you purchase motors threaded in both directions, however, as repeated impacts can loosen screws with opposite threads. Too much loosening will encourage the prop to unscrew and can lead to lost mounting hardware.

Special Thanks

A massive thank you goes out to Andrew Meyer and Matt Denham. Andrew, based in Canada, had the novel idea to reverse threading on a motor shaft. For a long time, this was not really possible because most motors were using aluminum propeller adapters. Not that long ago, however, many motor manufacturers began using hollow stainless steel shafts as propeller adapters instead of alumi. The idea, as elusive or as obvious as it may be, is to utilize the stainless steel shaft in a smarter, lighter, stronger, and lower profile application. Simple, but brilliant.

Matt Denham, based in the UK, designed the motor top. We wanted no frills. We knew that by using a shorter shaft we were dropping weight and we used this weight to complement a sturdy motor top. Matt's work alongside Andrew's originality and the latest racing motor technology sees results that exceed our expectations. This results with a product that is light and tough, with a unique prop mounting system, and power to rival your favorite 1407. Oomph!


Motors with wires
4x M2 5mm bolts\motor
2x M3 5mm bolts\motor (for prop mount)
2x prop-washers\motor

Important note 2: CW and CCW engraving on the motors refer to motor rotation, not thread rotation.
Note 2: First batches came in boxes marked as 3500kv.
All of these motors are however rated at 3650kv.

*Disclaimer: Prop mounting hubs lower then 5mm will not lock into place without adding a washer.

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