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Armattan Quads

Armattan Beanie

Armattan Beanie

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Introducing the Armattan beanie! As usual we spared no efforts to bring you unmatched quality. These are made by hand on a small island, north of the Vanuatu archipelago. From there they are shipped across the Coral Sea, all the way to the very last Solomon island. This island doesn't have a name, though locals refer to it as "Raldia." It means "place of peace" in the local dialect. The beanies are then displayed all at once for a full moon cycle. Various ceremonies take place where local leaders sing, dance, pray, and paint the faces of joyful young children.


Although we cannot confirm or deny any of the above claims, It is believed that this will provide the person who wears the beanies with inner peace and appreciation for the small things. In other words, wearing this beanie can help you sharpen your FPV skills through inner peace, but it will also allow you to have more fun doing it. What's not to love? And it keeps you warm!



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