Warranty Claims Process


Armattan Lifetime Warranty

Below you can find the requirements and steps to follow to benefit from our lifetime warranty. We recommend you read this BEFORE you risk causing damage to your model.  

What is covered under the warranty: 

Carbon fiber parts, as well as milled aluminum and titanium parts on the majority of our models. The parts warrantied can be found in the models’ specifications for each model listing on our website, if you are unsure. 

What is NOT covered under lifetime warranty: 

-Electronics, foam parts, bolts, nuts, screws and alumi standoffs.

-Parts you no longer have in your possession.

-Parts without proof of purchase (This is valid only for models that have counterfeit copies in circulation. No proof of purchase is required if the model in your possession has not been copied.)

-Models purchased from non-authorized retailers such as most listings on Ebay, Amazon and other multi-vendors platforms. Find our official reseller page at this link.   

Warranty Procedure

1- Show the damage

This is a very important step.  Without this, your warranty claim may be declined. Take a clear picture or two of the damage BEFORE you take the model apart and proceed to repair it. Something like this: 


2- Proof of possession

Take a piece of paper and write the following on it.

-Full Name

-Email address

-Order number

-Today’s date


*Note that this step cannot be done electronically by using a photo editor to add the info onto the picture itself. Anyone could get a photo on the internet and do this so it is not considered proof of possession. Only a hand written, dated note next to the model in the same photo will be accepted for this step. See example picture below. 



3- Proof of purchase

Along with the photos required from step 1 and 2 above, you need a proof of purchase. (This applies to models that have been copied such as Marmotte DJI Edition, Badger DJI Edition, Marmotte, Badger, Chameleon Ti, Rooster, Japalura, Chameleon, Morphite 155x FPV and MRP 130FPV). 

And that’s it! You are now ready to send an email to  Unless we require additional information from you, our support staff will respond to you and help you get back in the air. They will give you a personalized coupon code you can use to get free replacement for your broken parts. 

4- Destroy the parts and re-activate your warranty. 

Once you receive the replacement parts, you must destroy the broken parts you warrantied and email us. Add a hand-written note in the picture much like in step 2 above, dated and signed that reads, “please re-activate my warranty.” 

Important Note: Never destroy parts before you are granted warranty for them. This would be considered voluntarily breaking the parts and will void your warranty.

Failure to complete this last step will result in your warranty being temporarily inactive the next time you file a warranty claim. The parts must be sufficiently destroyed to render them unusable. 

If you like our support, you may upload a video on YouTube instead of a photo in which you send us a quick thank you for the replacement parts and re-activating your warranty. Then proceed to destroy the parts while filming. Pilots who re-activate their warranty using a video like this will receive a 5% discount for their next order. And if you get really creative about the way you destroy or dispose of the parts, we may send you a 10% discount instead. 

A video is not necessary, to be clear. Just a photo like the one below will be fine. 



Bought the model second-hand or thinking of buying a second hand Armattan? Read this first. 


On July 19, 2020 we announced that the lifetime warranty could be transferred if a frame was purchased second hand. Armattan has been in operation since 2012, and prior to July 19, 2020, the warranty was never transferable. This was a courtesy and never part of our original lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, too many people abused this courtesy by transferring their warranty to a friend who owed a counterfeit copy of our models. This causes bad blood between Armattan and pilots who get caught doing this, and as a result transfer of warranty is no longer supported as of January 2022. The original warranty remains unaffected.   


Note that this only applies to models that have been copied and sold as counterfeit. Models that have not been copied only require proof of possession. Such models do not even require proof of purchase. So if you buy or sell a model that was never copied such as the Beaver, Bobcat, Tadpole, Tadpole HD or Gecko, for example, the warranty remains valid. 


Tips to speed up the warranty process: 

-Do not email back to back before getting a response from us as this simply bumps down the timeline on your communications with us. 

-Include very clear pictures.

-Look at your pictures carefully and if you feel the damage is maybe not clear enough for someone who doesn't have this model in hand, then take the parts off and send additional images of individual parts to highlight the damage. If our support staff cannot confidently make a call and asks you for additional pictures, this only delays the process with more back and forth. Our goal is to get you the warranty support with only one email, and a second email later at your convenience to re-activate your warranty.  

-Follow the warranty steps and tips detailed above carefully when sending us the initial warranty claim email. One thing missing and we’ll ask you for it. This creates more delays and back and forth. 

-If you are displeased about our support staff decisions, before you get too unhappy about Armattan, please email your issues to to have your case reviewed by management. 

A big thank you to all the Armattan pilots out there for your support and cooperation. Happy flying!