Warranty Claims Process

Last updated: August 2018

We know that you are going to bash up your quads, but we design them to take it.  If you do end up breaking one of our warrantied models, please follow these steps to file a claim.

1 Confirm that the model you are submitting a claim for is indeed warrantied.  If it is, we're in business. If not, then replacement parts are available in the Spare Frame Parts section of this site. If you are unsure of the status of the frame, please look for the Warranty Badge (above) on the model's webpage to confirm that the warranty is applicable.

If the frame is warrantied, create your Warranty Claim Sheet. This will be a blank sheet of paper with these 6 items written on it:

  • Full name
  • Today's date
  • Armattan order number, OR include a copy of your reseller proof of purchase
  • Issue experienced.  Draw an arrow to point to the problem area(s)
  • Name of broken part(s)
  • Signature

You will use this sheet in steps 3 & 6.

3 Get your frame.  With the filled out sheet of paper beneath your quad, please take a picture of the damage.  Ensure this picture has the built quad in it.  We don't need to see the entire thing, but we'd like to see the carnage while everything is still together.  An example image can be found below.
4 Send this photo in an email to support@armattanquads.com to submit your warranty claim.
5  At this point, you will be contacted by our Support team.  They may require you to submit more photos, or they may request to see proof of purchase (see important note below).

Once you have been informed that your warranty claim will be granted/fulfilled...

  • Find (or remake) your warranty claim sheet.
  • Scratch both sides of the damaged part(s) in an intentional manner (such as the date). *Please only do this after Armattan has guaranteed that a warranty will be issued.  We'd hate for you to have to fly with scratched parts.
  • Photograph scratches on the top and the bottom sides of damaged part(s).  This will take 2 (or more) pictures to show the scratches on both sides of the part(s) and the list information. 
An example of the scratches can be found below.
7 Once you have collected all three (or more) photos, please send them to support@armattanquads.com in an email to finalize your warranty claim.  You will then get a confirmation and a coupon valid for the parts covered by your warranty.

Important Frame Reminders:

  • All 6 items of information must be in each photo that you take.
  • The 6 items of information cannot be digitally added to any photos.
  • As of July 1st, 2018, the Chameleon Ti, Rooster, Chameleon, Morphite 155x FPV, and MRP 130 FPV have been cloned by other companies.  Because we cannot offer warranty replacements for broken clones, we are requiring all warranties for cloned frames to have a proof of purchase.  Without the proof of purchase, we will be unable to issue a warranty.
  • As of August 28th, 2018, the proof of purchase must be from one of Armattan's authorized retailers or from Armattan direct.
    Frame purchased from non authorized sellers such as Ebay or Craigslist will not be accepted.
  • Removing structural pieces of your model to substitute with 3D printed components will void the warranty.  Please only use 3D printed pieces that do NOT require removing parts from your model.
  • After the warranty has been confirmed and issued, feel free to do with your parts as you wish!

Important Electronics Reminder:

  • Electronic parts are not warrantied beyond being dead on arrival.  In addition, no warranty or replacement will be granted more than 14 days after you receive the component in question. If you will not be able to test your components within 14 days of receiving them, please reconsider the date of your order.

Happy flying!

 Example Images:

Image to be submitted in first email:warranty-picture-1.jpg


Images to be included in later email, once a warranty has been approved: