Introducing the Armattan V-Tails! This design is identical to the Armattan tricopters with the only exception that instead of using a yaw mechanism on the tail, it uses a V-Tail.

This model was designed in collaboration with Andrew Meyer, AKA, Maymayday on RCGroups. Andrew is an engineer with a passion for multirotors and this passion really shines through his designs. While I did work with Andrew on this, the bulk of the designs is mostly his work.

The biggest advantage of V-tails is visibility and ease of orientation. There is definitely a cool factor to them, too!

Just like all of Armattan's CF models, the V-tails are manufactured using high-heat, pressed 3K twill weave carbon fiber. The result is much like that of the tricopeters made by Armattan. These V-Tails are the toughest models of this kind on the market today.

Just like all Armattan models, these models can be purchased as frames only, DIY kits (Kits includes electronics and all the hardware necessary to assemble them yourself), or Receiver Ready which are referred to as RXR models.