Robert Pringle
Call Sign: Captain Uno


 First of all I want to thank everyone for helping me get to where I am today.

A while back ago when i was a young man, I was in a car accident that damaged the nerves in my right arm. For many years I thought that I would never be able to accomplish any one of my dreams. I always had the dream to fly and I buried that dream after the doctors told me that i would never be able to use my arm again.

Years went by and I struggled with many days of feeling sorry for myself and feeling down about life. People made fun of me and never really wanted any thing to do with me. I was a loner, a rogue, just drifting through life. then one day I woke up and said no more. I will not just stand by a let this beat me. I went back into martial arts and my teacher was kind enough to really take time and share with me the values that it takes to be good at any thing, no matter what the situation is. I had to learn to overcome. The fire burned deep inside and I knew that I can do anything that I put my mind too!

Shortly after that I met my wife. She seen something in me that I did not even see in myself. You see we all have things we tell ourselves that we want to do but never seem to have the time, money, or the gizzard to do them and we let life pass us by. One year on my birthday as I was getting older I woke up to this realization that if i keep on not doing the things I really wanted to do that I would just let life waste away. I always wanted to do a lot of things that I thought my arm was stopping me from doing, my arm wasn't stopping me..I was.

My wife and I went skydiving, zip lining, fire walking, reached high levels in my martial arts, learned to play the harmonica, became a expert chess player, learned how to play pool with one hand and became a father. I have done many things that I thought I would never do, but still there was this deep feeling of something still missing, until the day came when my wife and I went for a walk at the lake shore here in Cleveland, Ohio.
I seen a gentleman flying RC airplanes and I remembered that I always wanted to fly and do that and wondered why I was not doing it. (That's right I told myself I couldn't ) I went the next week and bought my first RC airplane and learned how to fly it with one hand. After many crashes and a few more airplanes I finally got it down and been having fun ever since. I have been flying for ten years now and it has been a blast. I have taught a few friends how to fly since then. Last year those friends kinda of pushed to get started in FPV mini quad racing and I thank them every day for it now. It was way harder to learn how to use the controller with one hand. I spent all last winter on FPV freerider until I got it down.

The beginning of this year 2016 we decided to start our own Quad Racing Group called the Cleveland Quad Squad. We made it in the local paper. From there we were on a local radio station from and we put on a Drone race for a suburb city of Cleveland. We started racing with a Multi GP Chapter in our state. Two weeks after starting with them we heard that Chad Nowak from Rotor Riot was coming out to fly with us and check out our chapter. The rest is known in the FPV community now what happened that day. The One Handed Pilot episode aired and my life changed again. I can never have imagined what was to come next after that.the Fpv community accepted me with open arms and all I can say is, WOW.

So Thank you everyone. This opportunity is just as much your success as it is mine. I am honored and proud to accept my Team Pilot position for Armattan Quads. See what can happen when you just believe in yourself.

Thank you all,
Robert Pringle
Cleveland Quad Squad
Captain Uno

TJ Avitabile
Call Sign: Skull333


How did you end up flying FPV and how long ago did you start?

I was flying LOS with regular quads and Heli's and videos of FPV quads started popping up more and more, and I had to try it.

What does FPV flying mean to you today?

To me it's living the dream of pretending that you could fly, to go where no one else can, and to let go and have a great time alone or with others.

I don't build them to fly, I build them to crash. Once you can smash a quad into a pole and just break a prop, you can get back up and fly again. That's why I love Armattan.

Spenser Jones
Call Sign: SBJ_FPV

 Started in RC around 2011 with planes, then 3d helicopters, then photography drones(Line of sight with a GoPro). At the time FPV was still pretty expensive, so I took a hiatus until about 7 months ago when I found out how far FPV had come. After flying a BNF cheapo drone to the absolute limits, I went all in with my first build on the Armattan Chameleon frame. I have killed motors, FC's, Camera's, and the aluminum camera bumpers but 7 months later I am still rocking the original frame! Excited to be a part of the Armattan Team!



 Derek Brown
Call Sign: DWreck FPV



My name is Derek Brown, and I've genuinely earned my flying handle, DWreck FPV.
Build. Crash. Repeat.

I am ALWAYS willing to push the edge at the risk of losing or crashing a craft, and I love sharing the FPV hobby's excitement with others!

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA in Roseburg, Oregon. I am very lucky to have the Pacific Ocean an hour west, and breathtaking mountainous wilderness less than an hour east. 
For 3 years, I owned a small local hobby shop, Next Level RC Pro, that I eventually closed in the summer of 2017 to focus on my online and FPV endeavors.

FPV quads, FPV planes, and LOS planes are my interests, although 95% of my flying time tends to be spent flying my various quads, which range from indoor micros all the way up to my X Class rigs.
I consider it an honor to represent the highest quality frames on the market, Armattan frames, and greatly value the high level of quality that can be expected from all Armattan products.
Now, get out there and fly!


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 Alex Kintner
Call Sign: KittFPV




Hi everybody, my name is Alex Kintner. My friends called me Kitt growing up so I go by the handle “KittFPV”.

When I was a young lad my grandfather used to take me to the local flying field. He was a pilot in his earlier years and after retiring had discovered RC planes. He taught me the basics of control and let me go up on the buddy box a few times. I even helped him restore my other grandfather’s old bi-plane. However by the time I was old enough to really embrace the hobby my grandfather was no longer able to get out in the sky and RC became nothing more than a memory of my childhood.
Many years later the AR.Drone came out. Seeing one fly brought back my desire to soar through the sky and I immediately started saving up for one. Even though flying on an iPhone with on-screen joysticks was less than desirable I still enjoyed it every time I got to fly. But eventually the cutting-edge tech met some software bugs and it was done.
One day I was at my parents' house and saw the old plane we had restored. Something clicked and I knew I had to get back in the air. I knew this plane was too special for me to fly (and crash) it, so I started looking for a trainer. I’m blessed to have 11 acres out in the country and thought it would be perfect for flying. After realizing that hills and prairie grass wouldn't make a good landing strip, I noticed that the expense of getting into planes was similar to getting into multirotors, which not only seemed more fun, but also super cutting-edge, and being a techy person this peaked my interest. So I quickly picked up a toy Syma X8 and had a lot of fun. Immediately I knew I was hooked and worked to get a DJI Phantom 3 Pro.
I had a lot of fun with the Phantom but quickly found myself searching for thrills. I would try to catch some wind so I could go faster or send it 3 miles out joy riding. I felt guilty for treating such an impressive tool as a toy, so when I wasn’t actually trying to capture Aerial Photography I started flying the Syma instead. Then I discovered Rotor Riot. A few days after pretending the Syma was a LOS racer it flew off towards the river never to be seen again. The following day I bought a used kit off RCGroups with a Blackout Mini H, DX6i radio, Fatshark Teleporter V4 goggles, a charger and a few packs. The day it came I got it stuck in a tree and the nearest branch was 30ft off the ground. The nylon standoffs between the top and bottom plates broke and it was slung over the branch like a pair of shoes on a telephone line. 4 BLheli beeping hours later the quad was back, but the camera was gone. I ripped apart old security cameras until I found a board cam that would fit, wired in an IR LED emitter ring, and at 2:30am my quad was ready to go again. I went outside and crashed every 5 seconds, but I got in a full pack and had the time of my life. I’ve been hooked ever since.
I am incredibly proud to be given the opportunity to join Team Armattan. I’ve always thought Armattan was one of the best companies in FPV and never imagined I would actually be able to fly for them. It was literally a dream come true. I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams and to never stop having fun. Enjoy the skies!!





 Corey Yates
Call Sign: C-Train



         I’m a 28 year old business owner born in raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve always been a hobby driven competitive person, since I was a kid. Whether it be racing cars, racing dirt bikes, or racing with guns. I did it all. I built and raced cars. Same with dirt bikes. And even competed at the top level in the Open division of USPSA, traveling around the US shooting major championships with handguns. None of it compares to the rush I get every time I put on the goggles. Whether it be racing or freestyle, I simply cannot get enough of FPV! I started flying back in November of 2016 and have spent every second I could afford in the air. Freestyle is where I started and where I get my zen on even today. But my lifeblood is racing. Winning the Multigp National Championship is on my to do list. And I will make it happen.  See you guys and gals there!





Eugene Conner
Call Sign: Gee You FPV
 (自由FPV ) 



         I found FPV through a couple of sponsored 3D helicopter pilot buddies of mine.

I purchased a DJI Mavic Pro for my small photography business but wanted something small to practice with while I was awaiting its arrival. Long story short, my buddies convinced me to buy the inductrix fpv. It was fun. But then, one day I accidentally threw it into acro mode, pitched it forward and flung it right into my wall when it didn’t level itself. I had no idea what was going on. Picked it up, started messing with the controls, figuring out what was going on, and next thing you know I was ripping around my house from my office having a blast. Eventually I tried taking it outside and found that it could not handle it. That’s when I started learning about larger quads and started seeing fpv freestyle videos… Instantly hooked!

Armattan has been a part of my Full sized FPV journey from the very beginning. I bought parts for my first build as practice, and an Armattan Chameleon frame which was meant to be my first REAL build. I came to Armattan for the frame, but I stayed because of the company! I appreciate a company that doesn’t forget to be people first! With that being said, it is surreal becoming part of the team and doing what I can to push myself with backing from such awesome people!



Instagram: @gee_you_fpv

Reza Kurniawan


FPV Freestyle pilot from the Bay Area, California, and proud Co-Founder of the Bay Area Quad Squad freestyle group.

Dove into the hobby back in Fall '17 and fell in love with it ever since. It is the perfect blend of all my past hobbies into one cinematic freestyle adrenaline machine. Focuses on being a well-rounded freestyle pilot and specializes in chase footage. Always trying to self-improve my techniques to be able to effectively help others later on. At the end of the day, FPV is my Hobby, Inspiring is my Passion.

Long Lê


My drone journey started back in 2017 when my wife bought me my first DJI as a gift. While out giving it a spin, there where some pilots ripping around these race drones. As soon as I saw and heard them and with the background of skating, snowboard and other extreme sport, I knew I had to get one. So the start of my FPV journey began in 10/17 and there’s no looking back. 

Being older and having to give up the extreme sports and risking any injuries that would effect my daily life and responsibilities, I found the same rush and enjoyment in FPV. Having fun hanging out with friends, creating content and the bond that the FPV community has offer is like no other. So let’s get out there and fly and HAVE SOME FUN. 


 Chad Reese


Hey everyone, my name is Chad, I live in sunny Southern California.  I started flying  in February 2018. I found that flying FPV is like nothing I have done before. Adrenaline, fun, and the feeling of flying free like a bird are all combined into one hobby, making every flight a new experience and adventure. 

One of the main reasons I love flying is the great friends I have gained from the hobby. We get to hangout, have fun, and push each other to be better pilots.

Special thanks to everyone who has supported and help me along my journey thus far. It is an honor to be part of the Armattan team. Cheers to more good times and more good flights.

 Austin Alshouse
Red5 FPV

Hi there, my name is Austin and I go by the handle "Red5 FPV". My handle is apropos considering how much of a Star Wars nerd that I am; "Red 5" was Luke Skywalker's callsign in Star Wars. When I was growing up I wanted to fly the spaceships from the movies and FPV is the closest I can I get to that experience which is a dream come true for me.

I started flying FPV in March 2018 and I've been hooked ever since and have been pushing myself to be better ever since as well. I first became interested in Armattan during the same month I started flying, watching Ovaflo's videos got me excited for FPV and Armattan so I ordered a BnF Rooster and the rest is history :). Pretty crazy to think I'm now part of an awesome team that helped play a part in my FPV journey from the very beginning, truly an honor!

 Efrem Escobar

My name is Efrem Escobar but you may know me as LarscoFPV. My drone journey started back in 2017 when I purchased my first DJI Mavic. I got into FPV in 2018 because I wanted to become a better DJI Pilot. So I acquired a “whoop” kit and began to learn FPV. Since that first flight inside the goggles, I Instantly became addicted to the world of FPV. 

I quickly discovered that flying relieved all my stresses of my everyday hectic life. Being a metallurgical engineer, defense contractor for the aerospace industry, and entrepreneur for the past 20 years has come with its share of stresses. 

When I’m in the air, none of that matters...I don’t think about anything other than the flight, all my stress just magically goes away and I lose myself each time. It’s a feeling I just can’t’s definitely “my happy place”.