*You may click on the following links or follow the drop-down menu on the Tutorials tab.

**Please note that many of the tutorials on this site talk about Baseflight, but now Armattan uses Cleanflight. This is very important. If you try to connect your model to Baseflight, you are likely to corrupt the firmware and have to re-flash the board and start from sctratch.


Note that the instructions in the tutorials for Baseflight generally apply to Cleanflight. For things like PID tuning, setting rates, installing your receiver or setting up your radio, the instuctions in the tutorial for Baseflight are also releveant to Cleanflight.

Cleanflight is very much the same, but with added features. However, it is not cross-compatible with Baseflight. So please use Cleanflight only with any model shipped after September 1, 2015.

To find out more about what programming is used on your model, send us an email.


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