This model was designed in collaboration with Andrew Meyer, AKA, Maymayday on RCGroups. Andrew is an engineer with a passion for multirotors and this passion really shines through his designs. While I did work with Andrew on this, the bulk of the designs is mostly his work.

We took no short cuts when designing this model. The designs were first produced as prototypes which we thoroughly tested. The results were excellent, but we thought we could do even better. Based on my recommendations and on his own findings, Andrew went back to the drawing board and finalised this design. His acute attention to detail, his extensive knowledge of material strength, and his keen eye for aesthetics really came to fruition on this model.

The result is quite tangible once you have these models in your hands. What we have here is probably the toughest tricopters ever produced, and they look awesome!

My instructions to Andrew were very clear. I wanted a design that would live up to Armattan's reputation for producing some of the toughest frames out there. No compromises were made in that respect.

Just like all Armattan models, these models can be purchased as frames only, DIY kits (Kits includes electronics and all the hardware necessary to assemble them yourself), or Receiver Ready which are referred to as RXR models.


*All carbon fiber parts of this model are backed by our lifetime warranty.