Suki Edition Chameleon - Limited Edition *Out of Stock

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Suki Edition Chameleon - Limited Edition *Out of Stock


Chameleon Specs

Frame Weight

118 grams approx. 

Motor to Motor


Frame Shape

Freestyle Bus

Bottom Plate Thickness


Top Plate Thickness


Aluminum Parts

Aircraft Grade 6061

Motor Mount Pattern


Max Stack Height


                Warrantied Parts 


Recommended Components

Motor Sizes




Prop Size




THIS & THAT - Freestyle flying by Team Armattan pilot Suki FPV

Armattan Chameleon Suki FPV Special Edition

Vatroslav Suvala, AKA Suki FPV, is Team Armattan's top freestyle pilots. His smoothness, proximity awareness in flight and his mind boggling moves are a trademark of his flying style and skills. 


Here is Suki's Channel on YouTube. 


Here is Suki's Instagram. 



Here is Suki's Facebook. 



There are many excellent pilots these days. Some are well known, while others, sometimes better pilots, are in the dark; The underdogs. Suki FPV is a good example of that. Despite being prolific on YouTube, and of course, despite being a world class pilot, he is still relatively unknown. We hope to change that. We truly feel that there are many awesome pilots who are not well-recognized in the FPV community, and some of them are incredibly good. Suki FPV is one of these guys, and he's one of the biggest underdogs in the hobby today. Not to mention that he has not been flying for all that long. He is just getting warmed up now, and we are honored to have first row seats in 2017 because he will only be getting better. Suki doesn't Vlog much. That's because he is busy having fun flying :)  Subscribe to his channel, and you'll be blown away. 



What is different about the frame?

The frame is almost identical apart from the different arm profile. It is also pink, Suki's color of choice. Each frame has also been blessed, one at the time, by famous Croatian monks, where Suki hails from. 


 What is the Chameleon?

The Armattan Chameleon is a lovingly calculated, dedicated freestyle frame developed and produced by Armattan Quads.  As a new flagship model, every included feature was carefully considered and artfully incorporated into the final revision.  While many of those features are fairly traditional, there are a few innovations that would benefit from a closer examination. The first is the "low-rider" style top-plate.  This lowered mount gets the battery closer to the center of gravity for this machine.  This means your rolls and flips will be snappier, and less likely to over-rotate.  An unexpected (but very welcome) feature of the recessed top-plate is that the camera cage will be more likely to protect your battery in the event of an upside-down impact.  Your wallet and batteries will both thank you for that one.

Speaking of the camera cage, the 4mm thick, 6061 aluminum structure on the front of this frame corners the market for providing the most protection and versatility in mounting your cameras.  Not only will your frame fully protect your FPV camera above 25 degrees but it allows for near unlimited vertical play.  If you want to fly backwards like Suki or take things at a more relaxed pace, this will let you achieve the angle you need.  Plus, Armattan's thumb-screw system makes it easy to switch between the two on the fly (pun totally intended).  In addition, the HD camera mounting plate allows you to adjust the angle of your recording device from 30 up to 60 degrees.  No more will you have to cut and mount a wedge of foam in order to get the ideal, "single" recording angle (as if that exists).  You can fine tune larger or smaller as desired with your standard M3 driver.  What could be simpler than that?

The third and final Chameleon innovation (that we will explore here) is the VTX mount on the rear of the bus.  While it is outwardly a solid point to mount your SMA adapter, it has a couple secret functions as well.  Cut into the carbon fiber top-plate are a set of holes that line up above where you will mount your VTX.  These were carefully measured to align with the screens, dip-switches, and buttons of many popular transmitters on the market today (Hawkeye, Aomway, etc).  We think changing your channel at the field should be as quick and easy as changing your camera angle.  This helps us achieve that goal.  The other secret is the little bar next to the SMA hole.  This is a diversity receiver mount for your RX of choice.  If you zip two ties to that spar you can angle them for horizontal (out the back) and vertical (out the top) polarization. This should help prevent against an unforgiving failsafe at the start of your greatest dive yet.




In the unfortunate instance that you meet the ground at a high rate of speed (and breakage does occur), Armattan is offering a full bumper-to-bumper warranty for the Chameleon frame.  Included in the list price is a warranty that covers all of the pieces (both Carbon Fiber AND Aluminum) for that added peace of mind.  Important note: The Suki FPV Edition metal parts, if damaged, will be replaced with a different color alumi. It is a limited edition and only 50 frames will be made this color. 


Do You Like Dogs & FPV? - Flight by (you guessed it) - Suki FPV

1x 4mm Main Plate
1x 2mm Lipo Top Plate
1x Aluminum VTX mount
2x Rubber SMA O-Rings
4x M3 nylon 12mm bolts
4x M3 nylon 6mm male/female standoffs
8x M3 nylon nuts
2x M3 6mm cuphead iron bolts
4x M2 5mm cuphead bolts
2x M3 7mm countersunk bolts

Camera Cage
1x HD Cam Top Plate
2x 1.5mm Cam Braces
2x 4mm Aluminum Cam Protector
2x 4mm Aluminum HD Cam Lever
2x rubber dimes
8x M2 5mm cuphead bolts
2x M2 5mm bolts
2x M2 washers
2x M3 sunknuts
2x M3 aluminum thumbscrew
2x M3 8mm iron bolts
4x M2 10mm cuphead bolts
4x M3 10mm iron bolts 

Stack Hardware
8x M3 rubber FC O-rings
1x Mini PDB V2 or V3 *Optional
1x XT60 & connector saver *Optional
2x 50mm power wire *Optional
2x heatshrink (for power wire) *Optional

Foam and Rubber Protection
4x Foam Landing Pads

1x Lipo Top Plate Foam Pad
1x HD Cam Foam Pad