Space Cowboys SCX HD (Discontinued)

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Space Cowboys SCX HD (Discontinued)


Frame Weight

103.3751 grams

Motor to Motor


Main Plate Thickness


Motor Sizes



20 or 30 amp

Prop Size




Compatible PDBs

Mildly stretched X

Warrantied Parts





What's better than ripping along inches above the ground, tearing through gates at high speed?  Doing the same thing in HD.  Whether you race or not, if you're one of the early adopters of the Connex ProSight HD-Vision system then you aren't afraid of trying something new.  This certainly qualifies. Coming from our good friend over at Space Cowboy Drone Design, the SCX HD is ready to take to the skies.  Forget needing to strap a recording camera on this baby, she's got it where it counts.

What is it?

The SCX-HD is another official Space Cowboys modification built off of the classic SCX formula. Why change what works great, eh?  Actually, many small changes have been made by Space Cowboys. While the model looks very similar to the SCX 200, it's actually slightly stretched instead of pure X and the design is very clever as we have come to expect from Patrick of Space Cowboys. For those looking to mount their ESC's on the bottom of the arms, the motor wire protectors haven't gone anywhere. These will once again provide the peace of mind to know that you won't lose an ESC to a prop strike. Lastly, and most importantly, the frame provides an innovative yet guarded method to mount your video transmitter and antenna.  Oh and by the way, it still looks shreakin' good.

If you're looking for the low-profile HD antenna mount shown in the images of the built quad, you can find the STL (for printing) free of charge at Thingiverse.  If you'd love to skate beneath  gates with one of those sleek adapters but are unable to print one for yourself, you can find them at Brain3D.

Armattan Lite Disclaimer

Armattan Lite frames are not lifetime warrantied; they are built for a different purpose. They will, however, be priced accordingly (read: very competitively). Armattan Lite will offer spare parts for cheap and continue to support one of the original visions of the company; to keep guys in the air without milking them for replacements.

Carbon Fiber
4mm Carbon Fiber Arms x4
4mm Cam Lock Plate x2
2mm Cam Mount Plate x2
2mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate x1
2mm Carbon Fiber Center Upper Plate x1
2mm Carbon Fiber Center Lower Plate x1

5mm M2 Bolts x6
7mm M3 Metal Bolts x10
12mm M3 Metal Bolts x4
16mm M3 Metal Bolts x4
35mm M3 Female Aluminum Standoff x4
6mm M3 M/F Nylon Standoffs x4
M3 Nylon Nuts x4
M3 Steel Sunknut x10
Battery Strap x1