Skystars F7 HD PRO 3 FC + KO45 BLHELI_32 128k 4in1 ESC 30X30 stack

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Skystars F7 HD PRO 3 FC + KO45 BLHELI_32 128k 4in1 ESC 30X30 stack

F722 HD PRO 3 Flight Controller

  • Receiver: Support Sbus, CRSF, iBUS, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD and SumH RX.
    Built-in inverter, support 3.3v spectrum satellite receiver, support PPM receiver.
    The default receiver input is UART 1, the F7 has a built in inverter that can be used in any free UART.
  • LED: 4 independent LED pads, support WS2812 programming
  • Mounting Holes: Standard 30.5mm square to center of holes
  • OSD: Betaflight OSD & DJI MSP OSD (UART6)
  • Input Voltage: 3-6S LiPo(11.1V~22.2V)
  • 6 Hardware UARTS (UART123456)
  • MCU: STM32F722RGT6 216MHz
  • Firmware: SKYSTARS F7HD
  • Dimensions: 38.5x40x6.2mm
  • USB connection: USB-C
  • Gyro: BMI270
  • BEC 5V 3A & 10V 3A
  • Buzzer Pad: YES
  • Black box: 16MB
  • CURR pad: YES
  • RSSI Pad: YES
  • Weight: 6.8g


  • Drive signal: Dshot300-1200 / Proshot1000 / Oneshot / Multishot / PWM
  • MCU: STM32F051 Operation frequency: 48MHz
  • Peak current [5 seconds]: 55A
  • Mount: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
  • Continuous current: 45A
  • Firmware: BLHeli_32
  • ESC weight: 12g
  • Supports 3-6S
  • BEC: No

Package Includes:

1 x SkyStars F7 F722 HD 3 Pro Flight Controller
1 x SkyStars RC KO45 45A BLHELI_32 4-in-1 128k 30X30 ESC
1x Red / black 14AWG wires (9cm each)
1x XT60 Connector
1x Capacitor


Important Note: 

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So please only order this if you have time to check for proper functioning within 14 days of arrival. 
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