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Afro Acro Vs Naze 32

Chris explains the difference between the Naze Afro Acro and the Naze 32 flight controllers.

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Afro Acro Vs KK2.0

Chris explains the difference between the Naze Afro Acro and the KK2.0 flight controllers.

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Configuring your Transmitter

Chris explains the need to set up your Transmitter before flight and covers the following points.

Setting end points

Also known as travel adjust or ATVs.

Reversing Channels

Which channels need reversing for use with the Naze Afro Acro.

Programming a Flight Mode Switch

Using a switch to change between Attitude, Angle and Horizon modes.

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Baseflight Configurator

Chris gives a brief outline how to connect to Baseflight Configurator and outlines the topics to be covered in the next video.



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Connecting your Receiver

Chris explains how to use the included breakout cable to connect the Naze Afro Acro to you receiver.

Removing extra cables

Chris explains the uses for and how to remove any unused connectors from the breakout cable.



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Connecting the Naze Afro Acro to your Computer

Chris shows the cables and connectors used to connect the flight controller to your PC.


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Drivers for your PC

Chris shows the correct drivers to use and how to download and install them to you PC (Windows).


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Baseflight Configurator

Chris shows how to download and install Baseflight Configurator to your PC (Windows).


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Connecting to Baseflight

Chris explains how to connect your multirotor to the Baseflight Configurator.



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Baseflight Configurator

Initial Setup Tab

A quick run through of the initial settings your board comes with including:

Save your Settings

Chris explains how to and the importance of saving your settings.

Calibrate the accelerometer

A quick how to using Baseflight.

Battery settings

Set your Voltage alarm.

Accelerometer Trims

What they do.

Save your settings

Why its important and when and where to do it.



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PID Tuning Tab

PID Tuning

What to change and what not to change.

Pitch and Roll Rates

What are they and how to change them to make you multirotor more or less aerobatic.


Throttle PID Attenuation

What is it and what does it do?




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Receiver Tab

Chris explains how to setup your Transmitter using Baseflight configurator.

Checking Channel Direction

How to check and reverse your channels.

Setting your Channel Midpoints

How to check and set the channel midpoints using Baseflight.

RC Rates

Otherwise known as stick scaling, Chris explains how to change them.

Throttle Settings

Chris says - “Don't touch this!”

RC Rates/ Expo

Chris explains what exponential is, what it does, how it works in Baseflight and how to change it.


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Introducing Auxiliary Configuration

A brief introduction to Auxiliary switch use and whats coming in the next video.



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Auxiliary Configuration Tab

Chris explains how to use Baseflight Configurator to set up switches on your radio to enable the changing of flight modes or for arming/ disarming

Rate Mode

Chris explains what it is and how it works.


03:37 Secs

Angle Mode

Chris explains what it is and how it works.


03:50 Secs

Horizon Mode

Chris explains how Horizon Mode works.


05:35 Secs

Mag Mode (Altitude hold)

An explanation on the magnetometer, what it is and what it does.

05:49 Secs

Head Free Mode

Chris explains what Head Free mode is and how it works.


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Unused Modes

Not used with Armattan Quadrocopters but Chris gives a brief explanation of the Head Adj, Beeper and OSD SW modes.


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Servo Tab (Only visible if in Quad-X or V-Tail Configurations)

Chris explains the Servo Tab including....

Tail Servo reverse

How to check and change your tail servos movement.

Servo Mid Points

How to set and tweak the mid point of your tail servo.


13:20 Secs


Not used by Armattan Quadrocopters.


13:37 Secs

Motors and Servo Outputs

Chris explains the use for testing motor and ESC calibration and synchronisation.


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RAW Sensor Data

Chris explains and shows the use of the RAW Data Sensor tab.


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Next video

Chris introduces the next video.


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How to calibrate your ESCs using CLI Tab

Chris explains exactly how to use CLI commands to calibrate your speed controllers.


02:45 Secs

Enable/ Disable Motor stop

How to use CLI commands to enable/ disable motors spinning at minimum throttle.


06:45 Secs

New Naze Afro Acro settings

Chris explains and demonstrates how to set up a brand new flight control board using Baseflight Configurator.


09:25 Secs

Switch Model Configurations

How to change between Quad-X, Tricopter and V-Tail using CLI commands.


12:20 Secs

Initial set up Summary

Chris reviews exactly what settings need to be adjusted when you receive your new pre-built Armattan.


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Chris reviews transmitter set up, end points, reversing channels and rates.

What do you need to adjust?

A quick run through which settings you need to adjust on your pre-built Armattan Quadrocopter.


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Stick Commands

Chris explains how your transmitter can be used to command actions from the Naze Afro Acro Flight Controller....

Arming and disarming the board.

Calibrate the Gyro.

Calibrate the Accelerometer.

Tuning the Gyro.


06:00 Secs

Flight Trims

Chris explains when and when not to use flight trims.


06:40 Secs

Tuning the Accelerometer

How to tune out drift in Angle (self level) mode.


12:40 Secs

Your New Armattan Quadrocopter

Chris explains what setting have already been done for you and what you need to set before you fly a pre-built Naze Afro Acro Quadrocopter from Armattan.


14:15 Secs


Chris explains Armattan's awesome support policy and where to get help.



Flashing  the Mullet/Naze Flight Controller