Marmotte DJI Edition DIY Kit

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Marmotte DJI Edition DIY Kit

*Out of stock, next batch ETA mid September


Included Components

Component Link
Frame Marmotte DJI Edition 5 inch
FC CL_Racing F4S (with soft-mount grommets)
Motors Emax ECO II 2306 /
1700 | 1900 | 2400kv *Optional
ESCs Armattan 30A DShot BLheli_S
FPV Caddx Air Unit Micro Version
Propellers DALprop 5 inch Cyclone
Foam LiPo Pad
HD Camera pad
Landing Dogbone pads
Accessories LiPo Strap
XT-60 Pigtail
DJI Antenna Grommet

Marmotte 5 DJI Edition DIY Kit

This DIY kit ships with everything you need to build it and make it ready to bind and fly, with the exception of the battery, goggles, transmitter and a soldering station. In the drop down menus you can choose everything else you might need to help you build it!
Containing the highest quality components and build materials, these models include the exact components that we use on our custom built models, so you know you're getting the finest product we can offer. Also, while we have stock, you can select the receiver of your choice, but you don't have to cause the DJI Air Unit has one built in as well.
Because this kit will ship as soon as you order, we have limited quantities on hand at any one time.  If it is unavailable for purchase, you can keep an eye out for the next batch, or take a look at the main product on this page, where you can customize a kit.

This DIY KIT, by default includes:

  • Frame
  • Flight Controller
  • ESCs (x4 or a 4-in-1 depending on the kit)
  • Motors (4pcs)
  • DJI Air Unit (Camera, VTX, receiver in one)
  • Propellers (2x CW, 2x CCW)
  • Foam
  • Accessories that include Lipo Straps & the battery pigtail, (XT60)
  • Build materials that include solder, shrink wrap and double-sided 3M tape (when needed depending on the kit)
While this comes with almost everything you need, there may be some other bits you need to pick up before you can fly your new quad to new heights.
Recommended Extras
  •   4S, 5S or 6S 1300-1800mAh LiPo Battery
  •   DJI compatible FPV Goggles
  •   Transmitter & battery
  •   Receiver *optional in drop down menu(DJI Air Unit has one integrated compatible with DJI transmitter)
  •   Tools for maintenance *optional in drop down menu
  •   Solder station capable of going up to at least 410 C or 770 F. 
  •   Cutting tool
  •   Long-nose pliers
  •   Sharp tip small precision scissors

We also have many Painless Tutorial videos that you can utilize to help you with your build. You can check them out here!