Lite FPV Frames


The Concept Of Lite

These frames rip.  Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the details, however, lets first take a look at the Armattan Lite concept.

Lite has been around in various uses for centuries, but in modern English it is mainly a commercial variant of light. It’s used primarily by food companies, and it usually indicates that a product has fewer calories or fat than a comparable product… One exception: Lite is sometimes used metaphorically to describe restrained or less extreme versions of things.From:

Armattan Lite frames are a direct response to the demands of top tier pilots. The promise of these frames, with the SCX-200 at the forefront, is an astonishing focus on pure performance. All Armattan Lite frames will feature the same high quality carbon fiber that has made Armattan the industry leader in durable frames. The carbon fiber used is of the highest quality; high heat pressed 3k carbon fiber. Armattan Lite will feature clever, lightweight, highly competitive racing models. The line will feature low prices and cheap replacement parts. Anchoring Armattan Lite with the rest of the Armattan family will be top notch customer support. Armattan has a solid reputation for after sales service.

Armattan Lite frames are not lifetime warrantied; they are built for a different purpose. They will be priced accordingly, read very competitively. Armattan Lite will offer spare parts for cheap and continue to support one of the original visions of the company; to keep guys in the air without milking them for replacements.