Integrated F3FC *Discontinued

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Integrated F3FC *Discontinued

iF3FC Specs

Processor Stm32 F3
Gyro SPI 6000
Battery input 2-4S tested
Betaflight X_RACERSPI 3.0.1
Onboard Regulators 5V, 11V

UART Ports


        Compatible Frames

F1-Series (except F1-4B)

Integrated F3FC

PDB's make your build pretty. An integrated flight controller makes it beautiful.

What it is

The integrated F3FC is an F3 flight controller and power distribution board all in one.  While not required for the F1 series of frames, it certainly make the build simpler and easier.  It was lovingly designed with high quality components and with some of the most desired features found on flight controllers today.  Pick one up now for the smoothest building and flying experience available on your F1 frame.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building with the iF3FC.  While designed around the F1 series of frames, the FC is incompatible with the F1-4B.  In addition, while it may fit other frames from Armattan Productions, we cannot guarantee their compatibility.  Secondly, the input voltage, while marked as 2-6S compatible, was only tested to 4S.  Further testing will take place, but for now we cannot recommend this FC for unregulated use on a 6 cell setup.  Lastly, as always, please keep this board away from magnets.


  • Easy-to-solder pads
  • Stm32 F3 processor
  • SPI 6000 gyro
  • Boot button for easy flashing
  • Integrated mini-buzzer
  • Up to 16.8V input voltage
  • Dedicated SBUS port and integrated inverter
  • X_RACERSPI firmware target
  • Micro USB port
  • 3 UART ports (not counting USB)
  • Dedicated LED port
  • Integrated XT-60 solder point
  • Onboard 5v regulator (up to 1.2A)
  • Onboard, filtered 11v regulator for Camera & VTX
  • Filtered RSSI input for Frsky receivers
  • Current sensor input
  • 16MB blackbox storage


  • Flight controller
  • Foam gasket - provides vibration and electrical insulation

How to use it

While there are many ways to incorporate this FC into your build, one of the most popular methods is shown below.  This is not a requirement, but a suggestion for your wiring.  In addition, if you would like to use an OSD, wire it in-line either before or after the FPV-signal passthrough.


Recommended Components

  • Piggy OSD
  • OOmph motors
  • F1-5 frame
  • Armattan 30amp ESC's

Important Note:
Electronics are not warrantied beyond being dead on arrival.
If for whatever reason you have no time to check the electronics within 14 days of receiving them, then no warranty or replacement will be granted.
So please only order this if you have time to check for proper functioning within 14 days of arrival.
Claims for defective parts emailed to us after this 14 days period is up will be denied.