Frequently Asked Questions



1. Can I get an RTF, turn-key model from you, fully set up with radio, battery and receiver installed?

We do not sell radios or batteries at this point.  To fly our models you need a radio, batteries, a charger, and maybe your own receiver if your radio is not compatible with the receiver we stock. Currently we offer FRSky receivers and Spektrum receivers.

2. What is the lead time on a custom built model?

Lead time varies. It depends how many builds we have on order. It can be as fast as 3 days, or as long as 12 days or so. The average is somewhere in the middle. 

3. Do you ship to my country and what is the shipping cost?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. Shipping cost on any and all orders is 7.50$. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 7.50$ shipping on all orders world-wide*. Please read our shipping page for more info before ordering. 

4. How long does shipping take for me to get my items? It depends on your location.

For the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia and Africa, the shipping times average 7-12 days. For Canada, it is faster. Please see our shipping page for more info. 

5. Is it possible to share shipping costs between separate orders from both Armattan Quads and Armattan Productions?

No, it is not. Both companies have different ways of processing orders, shipping times are not the same and there is no shipping subsidy factored into set prices on Armattan Productions. The 7.50$ flat rate shipping cost only applies to Armattan Quads

6. Are there faster shipping options available if I pay more?

Yes, you can select speed post at checkout.

7. Your models are very fast. Is there any way that you can build a tame model for me?

Of course. Our models are governed by the settings in the flight controller. Tame settings make for a tame model. All our models ship with fairly tame settings, but you may request extra tame settings if you are unsure whether you can handle it or not. Simply touch base with us via email or leave a note on your order about your required settings.

8. How does your frame warranty work? Is it really for life? 

Most of our frames are warrantied for life. A badge signifying lifetime warranty can be found on each product page with a description of the parts covered. Some have partial warranty, other frames are warrantied from bumper to bumper. The warranty covers some metal parts and carbon fiber parts, not electronics. 

The warranty is for life and for as long as our company is in operation. It doesn't matter if a model is eventually discontinued over the years. The warranty holds true and valid.

Moreover, it is transferable and a no questions asked warranty. We do not care if you bought this frame new, used, or if if you found it in an old box in the attic. If it is broken, we will warranty it at no cost (7.50$ shipping cost).  If your dog chews an arm to oblivion, we'll warranty it. If your mother-in-law drives over the quad with her car, stay cool, we'll warranty it. Put it in your will. We'll warranty it. But we will not warranty it if you lose it, or if you can't prove it is in your possession. For information on the easy steps to follow to submit a warranty claim, see our warranty page. 


"To this day, Armattan frames remain the only frames to be truly warrantied for life in this industry. Not limited to x number of claims or to the shelf life of the models. Our lifetime warranty doesn't apply to the shelf life of our models. It's applies to that of pilots, their sons and grand sons. We'll keep your frame in one piece. It's a promise we're proud to make and we're not backing down.


Chris Leroux



*Edit: September 1, 2017: As of results to frame cloners, all warranty claims will need to have proof of purchase attached or else the warranty will not be valid. This rule is valid for the Marmotte DJI Edition, Badger DJI Edition, Marmotte, Badger, Chameleon Ti, Rooster, Japalura, Chameleon, Morphite 155x FPV and MRP 130FPV. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.