F1-4B 4mm

f1-4bs.jpgThe F1-4B is the smallest FPV frame in our fleet at 175mm from motor to motor. It is a unibody main plate design that comes in two sizes, 3mm which supports 1306-1806/3100kv motors and 4mm which supports 20XX/2300+kv motors, both use 4" props. Fully assembled, the 3mm frame weighs 67 grams and the 4mm frame weighs 91g. 

badge.pngThe main plate is also backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

The MiniPDB v2 is included but we also offer the Integrated PDB as an optional upgrade for a cleaner installation. There is also an optional Mobius Plate with bobbins available.

These models can be purchased as frames only, DIY kits or RxR builds. The RxR builds and DIY Kits come with 20 amps FVT LittleBee BL Heli ESCs running dampened lite and either Armattan 1306/ 3100kv motors or Armattan 2204/2300kv motors. 

**Please note that green alumi bolts will no longer be included with F1 models. But they are available for purchase here**