Exchange Program







Down on your luck? Just busted your quad and it is not a warrantied Armattan? Maybe we can help a bit. 


Send us a picture of the broken model with a hand written note signed and dated under the model as seen below and we'll give you a discount on a new model. Read on for more information. 




Simply email with your photo as seen above and we'll give you a coupon code to get 10% off a new frame. Want to get a RTF and you want us to build it for you? We'll give you 15% off.  So 10% off on a frame and 15% off on a RTF.  


You also need to let us know what frame or RTF you plan to get so we can create a coupon code just for you. 


Welcome to the Armattan family! Be prepared for top notch designs, manufacturing and world class customer support.