Dingo 5

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Dingo 5

The Dingo frame was designed with you brutal freestyle pilots in mind. Why go buy some POS frame from B**gg**d when you can get this tank for so cheap? There’s plenty of room inside this frame for your electronics. It comes stock with the micro cam mounts featured on the mongoose, but I know some of you will create 3d printed adapters to run bigger cameras. This frame sports a massive 3mm thick main plate and 4mm thick arms (13.5mm wide). You have the option to use 20mm or 30.5mm stacks with a 25.5mm clearance between plates. Battery strap slots on the top plate are located near the rear, so that you’ve got plenty of room up front to mount your GoPro. Slots in the rear of the top plate are there for your VTx antenna to be directly strapped to the under side, with the SMA nicely protected inside the frame.


Carbon fiber
4x arms
1x top plate
1x front top plate
1x rear top plate
1x bottom plate
2x cam mounting alumi standoffs
6x M3 20mm standoff
Hardware Metal
8x M3 6mm iron bolts
8x M3 14mm iron bolts
2x M2 5mm cuphead iron bolts (cam mount)
Hardeware Nylon
4x M3 nylon nuts (FC stack)
4x M3 nylon 6mm standoffs (FC stack)
1x lipo foam pad
4x dog bone foam landing pads
1x lipo strap


Frame weight 99.5g


Want some 3D Parts for your Dingo??? You can find them here at BMC3D