CL Racing F4 - Mini Flight Controller

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CL Racing F4 - Mini Flight Controller

Enjoy the full size CL Racing FC lineup?  Want to take a similar product into the world of brushless micros?  Look no further than this 20x20mm option!  It's got everything you expect, including:

  • Built in Betaflight OSD
  • STM32F405 @168mhz 
  • Direct 2-6S input
  • MPU6000 gyro
  • Filtered 5V and 9V BEC's 
  • Direct stack on Frsky xm+ rx 
  • 4 in 1 ESC socket and direct solder on 4 in 1 ESC pads.
  • Build in Camera control resistor and capacitor
  • Current sensor input solder pad
  • Inverter for Sbus (on UART1),
  • TX4(uart4) near VTX pads for easy smart audio or tramp wiring
  • 4 UARTS ---- TX6(uart6) SAT(uart6 RX ), RX4 ( uart4 ), RX3 TX3( UART3 )
  • Direct solder 4 in 1 esc cable easy to adapt to all ESC


Important Note: 
Electronics are not warrantied beyond being dead on arrival. 
If for whatever reason you have no time to check the electronics within 14 days of receiving them, then no warranty or replacement will be granted. 
So please only order this if you have time to check for proper functioning within 14 days of arrival. 
Claims for defective parts emailed to us after this 14 days period is up will be denied.

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    CL Racing F4 MINI Flight Controller on a 5" build is awesome!!

    Posted by PidiZZlE on 15th Jun 2018

    Armattan Chameleon 5"
    AOKfly RV2306 2400KV
    Crazepony 4pcs BLHeli_32 35A ESC Dshot 1200
    AKK X1 40CH 25mW/200mW/600mW tx
    FPV Pagoda Antenna
    Runcam Swift

    5 stars - The only issue to report is that the Cam C pad detached from the board. This may/may not have been due to my high temp soldering. No other issues.

    Ease of use: I couldn't find any videos or tutorials on this board which may make it difficult for first time builders. There is one pad layout/description image available from multiple sources. The pad layout makes complete sense and is well laid out. No reassigning uarts or extra programming steps. Its all there. Just solder and set it up to your specs. With patients, all levels should be able to find the answers to any questions regarding pad layout and function.
    Smaller pads will challenge experienced hands. If you can solder this board, you can solder anything without issue. I enjoy building so only change was using a magnifying lens from an old set of goggles to help me see some of my work when solder bled over to the next pad. Corrected easily. Just double-check your work with a ohm meter while soldering.
    Be prepared to buy, make a plate to retrofit this 20mm board to 25mm mounts if using it on anything other than a micro. I used spare 2mm carbon to make an adapter. Took 5 minutes.

    Flashed with Betaflight CLR4 3.3.1. Made my normal adjustments and turned on my normal OSD preferences with ease since pads were designated for ease of use.

    End result:
    Perfection. The Chameleon is ridiculously responsive when needed and has a super smooth transition and buttery flying. Because of the compact build size with the same function of most large FCs, I am going to predict that the new normal will be this size FC. I will do a build/flight video soon unless someone beats me to it. I don't think anyone knows that they can use this board for a 5". Don't be afraid to buy it now.