Chameleon Ti 5 inch

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Chameleon Ti 5 inch
Chameleon Ti 5

Chameleon TI 5 Specs

Frame Weight

Motor to Motor 220mm
Frame Shape Compressed X
Main Plate Thickness 4mm


Titanium Cage
Aluminum Standoffs

              Motor Mount Pattern 22xx
Center Stack Mount 30.5mm
FPV Camera Mount 28.5mm (Swift v2, Arrow v3, etc)
FPV Camera Tilt 25-60 degrees
Max Stack Height 22mm
Warrantied Parts All
Recommended Components
Motor Size 2306/2300kv
ESCs 30a
Prop Size 5"
LiPo 4S/1300mAh

Chameleon TI 5

The Chameleon Titanium is the evolution of the all time favorite Chameleon released back in 2016. Better materials are used and many lessons learned with the Chameleon are revised in this new, state of the art design.

Improved carbon fiber - The same material that debuted with the Rooster.
- Lighter, easier to build
- Incredibly tough Titanium front end
- Fewer total bolts, and no more M2 bolts. ALL M3 
- Better VTX mounting provisions
- Better anchoring provisions for 3D printed parts 

We know we can't always please everyone, but there is no reason not to offer both unibody (Chameleon Ti) and modular (Rooster) versions of our latest Titanium flagship model(s). We have been listening and now you have both options.

Have fun and fly safe! 


Did you just say warranty?


As with the other frames in Armattan's FPV lineup, the 5 inch Chameleon TI is covered by Armattan's lifetime warranty.  If you break part of this frame, just cover shipping and we'll send you a replacement.  That's our guarantee.


2x Camera-cage braces

5x 4mm button-head M3 bolts
8x 6mm button-head M3 bolts
6x 10mm button-head M3 bolts
3x 12mm button-head M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
5x 16mm button-head M3 bolts
6x 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts6x 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts


1x 28.6 Front standoff (silver)
2x Rear standoffs (black)

5x 6mm standoffs
5x nuts

Carbon Fiber:
1x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate 
1x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
1x 2mm Rear VTX plates (Standard and TBS)
1x 4mm Main plate 5 inch
1x 4mm Shim plate


1x Lipo strap
1x LiPo foam pad
1x HD camera foam pad
4x Dog-bone landing pads
1x Molded rubber SMA grommet (included with standard VTX plate)
3x Molded rubber antenna tube mounts (included with standard VTX plate)


Quadcopter Parts List and Armattan Chameleon Ti Build Tips - Painless360







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  • 5
    Chameleon ti

    Posted by William Summers on 27th May 2022

    Absolutely love this model chameleon ti it was so nice build quality is nice it didn't take long to arrive looks very durable

  • 5

    Posted by DutchFPV on 20th Mar 2020

    This frame is unbelievable. It is so rigid and so strong and so immune to crashes it just defies logic. We've all been there. You get a new frame, it seems strong, maybe you even paid a lot of money for it. But eventually something goes south and you smack a tree or some concrete and the thing is splintered. That just doesn't happen with this quad. I wouldn't have believed it until I experienced it. I go for broke. Flying drones for me is about finding the edge. And man I have freaking exploded some pretty solid frames as a result. But I can push this frame to the limits of my ability and it seems to never even get a scratch. Just last week I was running laps and got off my line during a hard throttle punch. Smacked dead into a tree at a solid 70mph and my camera didn't even flicker. Titanium is strong but not that strong. So beyond the top quality materials, there is also some pretty impressive engineering going on as well. The baseplate is insanely rigid with allows for amazingly smooth video footage and very precise flight. And everything just seems to fit just right. Rarely do screws even come loos or anything. Its just very high quality and very tight and very fun to fly. If I could by 100 of these I would. But the great news is I only had to buy one. Because its guaranteed forever. This might be the one thing ever that seems to good to be true but actually is. Get yourself one ASAP.

  • 5

    Posted by Pedro Díaz Muñoz on 4th Oct 2018

    This thing is awesome! I can´t believe that a frame is so durable and strong! direct impacts with trees and concree, NOTHING HAPPENED!. At first I had some vibrations, but obviously not a problem of th frame, I changed some things and installed butterflight, now it seems like you are in a sim.

    The only thing is you will have to be sure where to put everything, as there is not much space.

  • 5
    Best beginner/expert

    Posted by Siam Hatlang on 28th Sep 2018

    This frame is hands down the best frame for a newbie or an experienced flyer. It flies absolutely fantastic and the carbon quality is unmatched by any I have seen so far. I have been into this hobby for only about a year and have been breaking frame after frame. I have been flying this frame for about 6 months now and it is still excellent, no need to claim the lifetime warranty. So all in all, an excellent frame for day to day flying. Only gripe is it is a bit on the heavier side.

  • 5
    Chameleon TI

    Posted by Joe on 29th Mar 2018

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Was not a fan of the individual arms on the rooster. In addition to the added weight of attaching hardware, with only 2 points of contact, it would not be long before you had some shifting after a few crashes. Loved the new camera cage though. Only thing i would add would be a plastic mount for the camera cage to attach some of the new micro camera's coming out. This is, in my opinion, the best mini quad frame on the market bar none.