Build Tutorials (KK2)



***Please note that the flight controller used in this tutorial is the KK2. While most of the information is up to date, I now use the KK2.1 flight controller and there are some differences in terms of settings, and in terms of connecting the low voltage alarm buzzer. For an updated schematic of the KK2.1 flight controller, please download the manual here.

Also note that the frame used in these videos is also outdated. The frame design has since been improved and all aluminium frame parts are now anodized.


Armattan Tutorial 1 of 8 Frame Assembly and Motor Mounts



Armattan Tutorial 2 of 8 Soldering Bullet Connectors & ESC/Motor Connections



Armattan Tutorial 3 of 8 Power Distrinution Board



Armattan Tutorial 4 of 8 Mounting and Connecting the KK2 Board



Armattan Tutorial 5 of 8 Installing a Receiver



Armattan Tutorial 6 of 8 Pre-Flight Checks



Armattan Tutorial 7 of 8 Receiver Test and Radio Setup



Armattan Tutorial 8 of 8 Installing Propellers and Test Flight