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Bobcat Specs

Frame Weight  57 grams
Motor to Motor  182mm (Compressed X)
 200mm (True X)
Frame Shape  True X or Compressed X *Modular
Main Plate Thickness  2.5mm
Arm Thickness  3mm
Motor Mount Pattern  12x12 or 9x9mm
Stack Mounting  Dual M3 20x20mm & M2 16x16mm
FPV Camera Mount  20mm(DJI) or 19mm Micro cam
Max Stack Height  20mm
Warrantied Parts  All CF and alumi parts except the arms
Recommended Components
Motor Size  1404/2750kv
ESCs  25amp 4in1 (M3 20x20)
Prop Size  4inch (low pitch bi-blade)
Battery  LiPo 4S between 850 & 1300mAh
 Li-ion 4S 3000mAh (Sony VTC6)

Armattan Bobcat 

Introducing the Armattan Bobcat. It's no secret that 4 inch models are making a comeback on the FPV scene. With the right power plant and with new technology available from Caddx and DJI, it is now possible to put together a lightweight 4 inch quad capable of very good endurance and HD recording. The Bobcat is our take on what we think is the best solution for this type of application. 

We had to step outside our comfort zone for this design. Our designs are never meant to be the lightest thing on the market. Until now we focused a lot on freestyle designs. We offer lifetime warranty and that means our models need to be able to take a beating.

The Bobcat is a completely different approach to designing. Look at it this way: When we design a 5 inch freestyle frame, we look at ways to beef things up to make it stronger without busting weight. Whereas on the Bobcat design, we looked at how we can preserve the warranty while cutting weight as much as we can. Compromises had to be made. We were able to retain the warranty on all alumi parts and CF parts except the arms. The spare arms are available for less than 2$ each if you crash and break one. 

It's important to understand that this model is not designed for bando flying and shooting gaps. It's designed to be a lightweight platform for exploring and cinematic cruising with better endurance. This is no different than competing models in this category. Despite all that we still have warranty for everything other than the arms on the frame. The cage, the main plate, the top plate, the rear alumi posts and even the standoffs. They are all warrantied for life. 

The frame fits Nebula, Vista, and even the full DJI air unit. It of course, fits analogue systems with its dual stack. 

The alumi cam cage is designed to be stronger and to work better with today's smaller cams. The cage is MUCH smaller than the cages on our previous models. It offers ample, bomb-proof tilting motion to meet smooth cruising and aggressive flying.

Slop-proof arm mounting solution. Third generation CNC rear posts. And best of all, this frame has dual arm configuration. You can build it as a true X configuration or as a compressed X. This is something we have never done before and we're stoked about the results. 

The Armattan Bobcat is the best, most refined 4 inch long range frame on the market today. Nothing else compares, and we offer the best support in terms making sure we always have the parts you need in stock. This is hard to come by for many of the 4 inch frames on the market today. We are ARMATTAN and as always we have your back. 



2x Cam Brace
2x Anchor
2x Tail Post

Carbon Fiber:
4x Arms 4 inch
1x Center Plate
1x Top Plate
2x Camera Mounting Plate
2x Tie Plate 

1x M3 12mm cage standoff
2x M2 20mm cage standoff
5x M2 8mm cup-head bolt
3x M3 12mm button-head bolt (12.9 grade)
3x M3 8mm button head bolt (12.9 grade)
10x M2 6mm cup-head bolt
12x M3 9mm button head bolt
15x M3 sunk nuts
5x M3 20mm bolts
10x M3 nylon nuts
5x M3 6mm nylon standoffs
5x M2 18mm cup-head bolt
5x M2 aluminum nylocks
5x M2 nylon washer
5x M2 metal washer
3x M3 8mm cup-head bolt CW
1x Oomph spacer


2x Lipo strap
1x Top Lite Grip (gel & adhesive foam hybrid pad)
1x Air unit double sided adhesive foam bits
2x Dog-bone landing pads (cuts into 6 pieces, two center pieces can be used as spares)
1x Molded rubber antenna holder

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  • 5
    Beautiful and clever design

    Posted by discovolante on 12th Feb 2021

    I'm really impressed with this amazing and innovative frame. The carbon is top notch, as usual, and the attention to detail just blows my mind. The adjustable cage design is very unique, and the ability to build this frame in a true X or squished X configuration is another great feature that no other ultralight frame offers. It is a bit heavier, but in return you get the extra stiffness that others may lack. All that comes at a very attractive price point. Well done!