Incognito no more...Armattan Productions and Rotor X

Posted by P. Smith on 8th May 2016

RotorX and Armattan Logo

BREAKING NEWS: Armattan Productions and Rotor X split the atom; fallout expected to be glorious!

When two forces of considerable creativity and ingenuity combine the results are often greater than the sum of individual parts. Such is certainly the case with the, as to now, unknown partnership between Armattan Productions and Team RotorX. The quadcopter world is exploding exponentially and with some analysts predicting a global civilian market of nearly 3 billion by the year 2024 the time is right to draw back the curtain and show what two of the most innovative and human-centric companies are accomplishing through a flourishing partnership. Both ventures are already well positioned to be major players with huge growth potential. The winds of change are blowing and the hobbyists consumer has more options than ever before in human history. Smart consumers will be rewarded.

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Here is the news:

Armattan cuts all of the frames used in RotorX products. Armattan productions is the utopian dream of its founder Chris. Using this service, for the first time ever, amateur hobbyists can be their own manufactures. Got an idea? Know how to solve a problem? Want to try your hand at engineering and design executions? Armattan productions is your service. A visit to the site shows glimpses of a potential never before available. You minimum order here is one piece, a far cry from usual batch production heuristics in the hundreds. Chris is unlikely to reap a financial windfall from the service and this underscores his commitment to the hobby. Offering one of the only 100%, for life guarantees on frames, Armattan is already firmly aligned with the end line user and focuses on customer experience. Armattan productions is a natural outcome of such a mindset. Armattan was born from the idea that models will crash and should be able to survive. Chris has built a voracious following by being an empathetic expert whom cares about customers beyond their dollars. Armattan productions is an anchor for the tinkers and do-it yourself crowd. All it takes is the desire, and the service follows.

RotorX is a relatively new player in the world of high end consumer multi-copters but that hasn’t stopped them from shaking up the industry. They can do this because they are like us, they fly and they tinker, and they improve. RotorX was started by hobbyists and engineer friends. Arguably their hottest and most anticipated product is their Atom micro fpv quad V2. Atom V1 has been out for nearly a year and the hardcore individuals have already sung its praises as groundbreaking and industry leading. Nearly everywhere is now suitable for invigorating stick time. The v2 opens up that same quality to the average and emergent hobbyist. The nearly 600,000 page views on rc-groups for the Atom thread, and the $118,000 raised through Indiegogo, certainly stand strong as support of the assertion that they are bringing to market what consumers want. They are doing it through a partnership with Armattan Productions.

The highly Successful Atom V1


The Upcoming Atom V2

Atom V2

The V2 comes with a wealth of options, or perks, so that the consumer can tailor their own experience. One need not look far for nightmare scenarios regarding crowdfunded multi-copters but such fears need not be applied here. It boils down to people and the team at RotorX are solid and focused. In revamping their perk packages during the campaign they showed their true colors and motivation. Their goal: get as many people in on the ground floor for the best deals possible. They endeavor to do nothing short of bringing high end components and products to the masses for a universal quality experience. It used to be that you needed a range of skills to play in this arena far beyond piloting. You needed to know how to select components, how to set up flight controllers, how to solder, how to download drivers and get FC’s to interact with computers, and how to tune. Armattan productions and RotorX are flipping the script so that if you can fly you can have access to the best.

In addition to offering a highly regarded transmitter option the Atom V2 has the distinction of being a true and powerful micro. Build options available will easily be under the 250 gram weight limit requiring registration. Those who wish to fly without registering with the United States Government will have the option to do so without sacrificing any performance or functionality. The 250 gram limit was arrived at resultant from a study on falling object lethality. It was concluded that an object less than the 250 gram AUW would be less lethal if a catastrophic failure causes the model to plummet from the blue heavens, so flyers can also access a clear and safety oriented conscience with this coveted multi-rotor.

Atom V2Weighs less than sticks of butter

The future for our hobby in regard to model aviation is certainly bright beyond compare. It is an exciting time. With a flourishing partnership between Armattan Productions and RotorX “beyond the sky” is the limit! The released energy from their splitting the atom together will reverberate throughout the hobby.