Decade Anniversary

12th May 2022

Hello pilots, tinkerers and friends.

10 years ago, I named the first home-made drone Armattan. It was made of hand-cut and drilled alumi sandwich plates with square, stainless steel tubes for arms. A 45 x 45mm clear polycarbonate was attached to white nylon standoffs to protect the flight controller and the receiver. It was not pretty but it was strong.

This is our ten years anniversary. There are so many people we’d like to thank…. The list is too long. You know who you are. And then there’s all of you supporters out there, all over the world. We cannot thank you enough. Armattan is here today because of you and we’re not about to forget that. Thank you!

We embarked on a journey, and many have said over the years that Armattan’s lifetime warranty would be a demise. They were wrong. Our warranty is not only the backbone of our dedication to after-sale support. It remains unmatched in the industry today.

On behalf of everyone on Team Armattan, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much!

Now on to the next chapter…

Chris Leroux