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Beaver Specs

Frame Weight  126 grams
Motor to Motor  235mm
Frame Shape  Compressed X
Main Plate Thickness  2.5mm
Arm Thickness  5mm
Motor Mount Pattern  16x16 or 16x19 or 19x19mm
Stack Mounting  Two 30.5x30.5mm stacks(center and rear)
 Two 20x20mm stacks (4 possible positions)
FPV Camera Mount  20mm(DJI) or 19mm Micro cam
Max Stack Height  25mm
Warrantied Parts  All CF and alumi frame parts 
Recommended Components
Motor Size  2306/1700kv
ESCs  Skystars KO 45amp 4in1 (M3 20x20)
Prop Size  HQprop Juicy J40 5.1x4x3
Battery  4S between 1300mAh & 1600mAh
 6S between 1100mAh & 1300mAh

Armattan Beaver 

Introducing the Armattan Beaver. This one is three years coming. It's the longest we have ever spent working on a frame. Well, to be frank, the 2020 situation made us put a pause on development for a little while. Nonetheless, this design has taken a very long time and it has gone through many more iterations and prototypes than any other Armattan frame before. The best way to describe what the Beaver is about is probably to look at our design goals.  

Strength: This frame needs to be strong enough to be worthy of lifetime warranty. The frames need to be able to take a beating. Thicker arms than any other previous frame, as well as thoughtful crash-protection provisions make the Beaver our strongest design to date. 

Noise: Three or four years ago, blackbox readings and tuning were not much of a thing. Things have changed a lot since then. The Beaver is our first five inch design for which a big emphasis on reducing noise reaching the flight controller was devised. This is by far the stiffest frame we have ever made. The top plate is also using additional anchoring points adding stiffness throughout the entire chassis. Easier to tune for newcomers and more satisfying for folks who strive to have the perfect tune. 

Modern provisions: As always, we try to adapt to new electronics on the market as to provide good building options with a variety of controllers, video links and RC links. The Beaver is our most versatile model to date. Cameras have gotten so small. Large cages seen on our previous models are no longer needed. This model has the smallest and lightest camera cage we have ever used on a design for five inch propellers. This allowed us to better balance the frame strength and weight distribution. This takes us to our next goal. 

Weight: Stiffer, stronger, smarter, NOT heavier. 126g. The weight is on par or less than our previous 5 inch frames. 

Ease of maintenance: Only one bolt needs to be removed to replace an arm at the field. As for the rest of the build, there's nothing complicated or overly complex to work on. It's a breeze to work on. 

Looks: Finally, and always last on the list of priorities, aesthetics. We try to make good looking frames, but function comes before fashion, always. The Beaver is the best frame we've ever made and it looks the part. We chose the classic orange look, reminiscent to the iconic Armattan Chameleon. The Beaver is a completely different beast, however.  It's a critical evolution that encompasses our design goals, five years later, in 2022. 

Price Point: The Beaver is priced better than all of our previous high-end, freestyle frames. We're checking a lot of boxes here... 




As always, a massive thank you goes to Jason Hay, our CAD guru for the fantastic help once again. 

Also a big thank you to Brain 3D for their help with designing optional 3D printed parts. They have them all. Check them out here. 
And for those of you who can print their own parts,  free .stl files are available here:



Carbon Fiber
1x 2.5mm main plate
1x 2mm bottom plate
1x 2mm top plate
1x 4mm arm core
4x 5mm arms 5 inch

20x M3 6mm 12.9 grade bolt
5x M3 10mm 12.9 grade bolt
6x Aluminum cone spacer orange
9x M3 12mm cup head bolt
3x M3 16mm cup head bolt
5x M3 20mm button head iron bolt
14x M3 nylon nuts
5x M3 6mm nylon standoff F/F
5x M2 18mm cup head bolt
5x M2 nylon washer
5x M2 nylock
5x M2 2.5mm cup head bolts

4x M3 25mm profiled alumi standoff
2x M3 20mm alumi standoff

1x Left aluminum cam brace orange
1x Right aluminum cam brace orange
2x Aluminum tail posts orange
2x Aluminum cam saver black

1x Center foam
1x Lite grip
1x Air unit foam
4x Dog bone landing pads

2x White lipo strap
1x Universal antenna mount
4x Motor wire extension PCB
1x 25cm clear heat-shrink 20mm wide

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  • 5
    Dude! This thing kicks a$$

    Posted by Chris Setty on 5th Nov 2022

    Amazing frame. Super fun to build this and it turned out amazing. Speedybee F7 V2 + 50A stack; T-Motor Velox Veloce 2307 1950kv; Caddx Vista + Nebula Pro; TBS Tracer Nano....flies like a boss! Nice job Armattan.