Beaver 5 - Ready to ship

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Beaver 5 - Ready to ship
Included Components
Component Link
Frame Beaver 5 inch
FC Skystars F722 HD PRO 3
ESC Skystars KO45A 128K BLHELI_32 4 in 1
Motors Emax ECO II 2306 / 1700kv | 1900kv | 2400kv
FPV Caddx Nebula Pro Vista kit
Propellers HQprop Juicy J40 5.1X4X3 Grey
Foam Lite Grip LiPo Pad
Center foam
Landing Dogbone pads
Accessories White LiPo Strap
Beaver Universal Antenna Mount
Armattan Motor Wire Extension PCB 35mm
25cm clear heat-shrink (20mm wide)

Beaver 5 inch - Ready to Ship

This ready-to-ship aircraft is a complete quad, designed to get you out of the box and into the air with minimal tinkering. If you don't have the time, interest, or experience to build a quad of your own, this is a fantastic platform to get you in the air.
Built with high quality components, these models are tested, flown, and tuned to make sure you're getting the finest product we can offer. That means you are locked-in out of the box. Also, while we have stock, you can select the receiver of your choice, and note that the DJI Air Unit has one built in as well, depending on what system you use. 
Because this model will ship soon after you order, we have limited quantities on hand at any one time. If it is unavailable for purchase, you can keep an eye out for the next batch, or take a look at the main product on this page.  There, you can customize a kit to your liking.
While this comes with almost everything you need, there may be some other bits you need to pick up before you can fly your new quad to new heights.
Recommended Extras
-  Receiver 
-  Tools for maintenance
-  And why not some swag