**Bargain** TBS 5.8GHz Linear Antenna - u.FL (1 piece)

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**Bargain** TBS 5.8GHz Linear Antenna - u.FL (1 piece)

Important note:
Picture shows all we have on hand, sells per piece.
We have many of these laying around but no use for them hence the low price. 
Never used, without OEM packaging.

A linear antenna with IPX / U.FL connector compatible with  the TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV or U.FL connector compatible Video transmitters. In conjunction with the UNIFY PRO the entire package weighs a tiny 3g for VTx including antenna. A must for anyone looking to shed some weight. Suggested only for racing under ideal video conditions.


Weight 0.9 grams
Length approximately 60mm(include shrinktube)
Width 1.79mm