**Bargain** 4x Armattan SS 2306/2400kv Motors

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**Bargain** 4x Armattan SS 2306/2400kv Motors

  *Important note:
Phase wires are cut down to 2 centimeters.
These were test hovered indoors once, basically brand new.

Motor Specifications

Stator Diameter


Stator Height


 KV (rpm/Volt)



 ~35.79g  (full wires & nut)

Wire Length


            Recommended Props

 5 or 6 inch

LiPo Compatibility


Prop Mount Diameter



 Hollow, CW threads

Magnet Design



EZO 684Z Japan

Armattan SS 2306/2400kv

Armattan's newest motor is the SS: a 2306/2400kv beast.  This motor packs a supersized stator for increased torque and superior punch during your sickest rampage.

And if you're paying attention, you may also notice that there are external threads on the shaft.  That's right, since this isn't one of our 00mph line, this motor only uses external, CW threads with your standard M5 locknut.  No need to worry about reverse threads.
In short, we listened to each of your points to make this our most solid and durable motor yet.  Check out the key features below.
Oh, and since we know you'll ask; yes.  This motor was hand-grown in the deepest forests of Thailand from the finest quality Japanese bearings.  After being planted, showered with flow regularly, and gently raised for 3 years, these motors are ready to hit the streets.