Bangarang 3 & 4

The Bangarang is a nice, lightweight 3 and 4” offering. It’s been awhile since we offered you a 3 or 4” frame to play with. This one builds off of the Mongoose and Frigate designs to bring you a robust, yet lightweight frame to mount your 1407 motors and 20mm stacks. You have 23mm height for your stack. Both the base plate and removable arms are 3mm thick. The 4” arms are 12.5mm wide and the 3” are 11mm wide. The top plate is 2mm thick, and supports standard battery mounting along the top plate, or a larger battery can be mounted toilet tank style by turning it 90 deg and utilizing the slots in the top plate for your battery strap.

***** If you choose the standard (20x20) body option, you can only use the 20x20 4-in-1 ESC with the 20x20 CL Racing Mini

***** if you choose the XL 30x30 Body option, you will be able to install a regular 30.5 x 30.5 FC which will allow you to mount the standard ESCs on the arms.


Bangarang XL 5 & 6

It is a slightly longer, beefier Bangarang main plate that can handle 20 or 30mm stacks. It's designed around 5" and 6" arms, but you can use the 3 or 4" arms as well. Technically, the opposite is also true - you can use 5" arms on the standard Bangarang. Arms are 4mm thick and 11mm wide for the 5" and 13mm for the 6".