Armattan TILT-R

The Armattan model is something we worked on for a very long time. It is our most intricate design, and in our opinion, Andrew Meyer's best design to date. The vertical plates offer incredible stiffness making for a very accurate flyer. 

One of the challenges with this type of design is to insulate the crabon fiber plates when impact happens in a crash. To solve this, we produced rubber grommets, rubber bumpers and even our own rubber bobbins. It is our most complete design. We stopped at nothing. We designed and produced an array of OEM parts such as massive 8mm aluminium standoffs, M4 thumbscrews, boom clamps, etc. 

The models ship with booms suited to fly with 7 inch or 6 inch propellers. The booms can be cut to better fit 6 inch propellers, as well. With 7 inch propellers, the frame measures 310mm from motor to motor. You may watch the video below for more information.  These models ship with 20 amps nano ESCs that fit inside the booms and Armattan house motors 2822/1800kv.