Armattan Acro POD

prototype-pod-2-.jpgThere has been a lot of anticipation about this “POD” we’ve been working on. No surprise as it is pretty awesome. This POD allows for a 90 degree TILT angle! It is designed to best fit a hs1177 camera. The 3D intrusions on these give them a wicked look and feel. Some of the best work we’ve done to this point.

This POD is lifetime warrantied and I highly doubt anyone will break one. The design is mostly that of Matt, aka Corporal Badger on RCGroups. Matt is an advanced FPV pilot and a brilliant designer. There is very little he cannot do. His strength for solving problems and implementing solid solutions makes for a fantastic addition to some of what Armattan has on offer today! 

This POD is designed around the hs1177 camera sold at and it is designed to fit a micro VTX behind the LED tail lights. (**LED tail lights are optional) 

This POD will fit all the F1-Acro models, and if you select the Universal Plate option (when it becomes available), it can then fit on any quadcopter with a 45mm mounting solution, such as the CF226, 258 and 355 as well as the V-Tails and Tricopters made by Armattan. In fact, this POD will fit just about every model we have ever produced. 


Happy flying!