Armattan Oomph Titan Edition 2306/2450 KV Motor

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Armattan Oomph Titan Edition 2306/2450 KV Motor



Motor Specifications

Stator Diameter


Stator Height


 KV (rpm/Volt)



 ~30.5 grams (trimmed wires)

Wire Length

 19cm (untrimmed)

            Recommended Props

 5 or 6 inch

LiPo Compatibility


Prop Mount Height


Prop Mount Diameter


Interior Threading 

 CW or CCW


 N54H magnets

Stator Laminations

 Laminated for smoothness


 Single Wire


 684 NSK 4x9x4

Armattan oomphtitan.png


Introducing the latest addition to the Armattan Oomph line of motors. Titans!  


Much like its smaller brother, the Oomph Velvet, this 2306 version is also designed for smoothness, but with a fair bit more torque. While we continue to use our unique prop mounting system, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by a lightweight, 3 prong motor top design that was first introduced by RotorRiot Hypetrain Motors. We use the same prong as we do on all our Oomph motors, except we reduced it to only 3 of them and we also also shaved off the motor base to save even more weight. 


Efficiency, lightweight and low amp draw and low cost without compromises is what we wanted in this motor.  While we think it is better suited for freestyle, many racers will appreciate the low end torque of this new Oomph motor. 


 ***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These motors are assembled in Bolivian caves by hand. The work is carried out by a community of doomsday preppers that hail from the world over. It is said that the first settlers were gifted by the Bolivian God of the forest and have since stopped aging. 


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    Aggressive Titans!

    Posted by InspireFPV on 2nd Jul 2018

    These motors have quite a bit more kick than the Velvet motors; perfect for those looking for some more torque, while still taking advantage of that ingenious Armattan prop mount hardware and impeccable durability.

  • 5
    Armattan Oomph Titan

    Posted by Randy Bullard on 28th Feb 2018

    I love these motors. plenty of smooth power. If they are like my original Oomph motors they will last forever. If you've never used motors with this type of prop screw they may seem odd at first. But they are self tightening a very easy to change props. I'm spoiled now and don't want any other type of prop mount.