Armattan F1 FC (Out of stock)

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Armattan F1FC Flight Controller Board 36mmx36mm Top View

The Armattan F1FC flight controller is similar to the Naze32 rev5 Acro but adds up to 4S direct connection support. The F1FC has 5V and 3V step down regulators to simplify wiring for external sources eliminating the need for other regulators. There is also built in Blackbox with 8MB storage giving you up to 20 minutes flight time logging. All connections are through hole allowing for header pins or easy direct connection allowing you plenty of flexibility.


up to 4S direct LIPO connection
3v and 5V onboard regualtors
Blackbox with 8MB onboard flash storage
Serial RX Support
PPM Support
8 PWM Channel Inputs
6 ESC Outputs
Telemetry/VBat/Buzzer Connections
Ext. Compass Connection
Naze rev5 Layout


36mmx36mm size
30.5mm mounting hole spacing
weight: ~5g


F1FC Flight Controller
1x2 pin header [right angle], 1x2 pin header [straight]
2x3 pin header [right angle], 2x3 pin header [straight]
2x6 pin header [right angle], 2x6 pin header [straight]
2x8 pin header [right angle]x 2x8 pin header [straight]
2x 90mm receiver cables

The F1FC will come with Cleanflight 1.11 already flashed, but can easily accept any Cleanflight version. The configurator can be found at:



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