Armattan DShot 20 amps BLHeli S ESC/BB2

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Armattan DShot 20 amps BLHeli S ESC/BB2

Unlike their larger brethren, the Armattan 30 amps ESCs, the 20 amps ESCs required a completely different approach to accomplish performance and durability in such a small, lightweight package.  


Designed in China and produced in the Peruvian rainforest, where the right minerals are found to make our own capacitors. In some cases, porters travel, on foot, along the foothills of the Andes mountains from Bolivia all the way to the northern Peruvian rainforests. Some porters have been known to travel all the way from from the far east Amazon Basin to bring us the precious minerals we desperately need.



-Continuous Current: 20A
-Voltage Range: 2-4S LiPo
-Weight: 3.9g
-Dimensions: 10.3X22.5X5 mm
-Firmware: BLHeLi_S (BB2)

-Laser engraved 0.2 gram alumi heatsink

-Genuine imported components. 


Important Note:
Electronics are not warrantied beyond being dead on arrival.
If for whatever reason you have no time to check the electronics within 14 days of receiving them, then no warranty or replacement will be granted.
So please only order this if you have time to check for proper functioning within 14 days of arrival.
Claims for defective parts emailed to us after this 14 days period is up will be denied.