Armattan Carbon Fiber Money Clip

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Armattan Carbon Fiber Money Clip

These are great, but only if you have money left over from all the quads purchases... 


Once again we traveled the world to find the best craftsmanship we could get our hands on. These are hand made by a group of rastas who immigrated to Cuba during the Vietnam war. Once ready, the money clips are shipped to Mongolia where monks give them a special blessing. The ceremony lasts a full week, during which time the monks only drink water and meditate. It is said that these special money clips now have calming properties to reduce impulse buying and shopping therapy requirements. Whether this holds true or not, we are not sure. 


Needless to say, once again, Armattan is going above and beyond to bring you nothing but the best your hard earned dollars can afford. Keep calm and enjoy healthier spending habits (maybe...).