Armattan Acro POD

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Armattan POD


 The Armattan Acro POD is the first POD ever produced by Armattan. Not only is it the first, it remains the toughest POD Armattan currently offers! Slightly heavier than the other models this Armattan POD is a perfect companion for any of the F1 acro models. A heavy duty transferable solution for multiple frames that offers peace of mind that your FPV gear is protected; the original Armattan POD is built with exacting standards to exceed the demands of even the most vigorous flight!

There has been a lot of anticipation about this “POD” we’ve been working on. No surprise as it is pretty awesome. This POD allows for a 90 degree TILT angle! It is designed to best fit a hs1177 camera. The 3D intrusions on these give them a wicked look and feel. Some of the best work we’ve done to this point.

This POD is lifetime warrantied and I highly doubt anyone will break one. The design is mostly that of Matt, aka Corporal Badger on RCGroups. Matt is an advanced FPV pilot and a brilliant designer. There is very little he cannot do. His strength for solving problems and implementing solid solutions makes for a fantastic addition to some of what Armattan has on offer today! 

This POD is designed around the hs1177 camera sold at and it is designed to fit a micro VTX behind the LED tail lights. (**LED tail lights are optional) 

This POD will fit all the F1-Acro models, and if you select the Universal Plate option, it can then fit on any quadcopter with a 45mm mounting solution, such as the CF226, 258 and 355 as well as the V-Tails and Tricopters made by Armattan. In fact, this POD will fit just about every model we have ever produced. 

Happy flying! 







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