5 inch

Ahh, the 5 inch mini-quad... we meet again. 

Five inch propellers are the popular choice at the current moment for most FPV racing or freestyle pilots.  They provide the powerful thrust to weight ratio needed to attain high speeds, as well as keeping the weight and size down enough to be able to perform tight maneuvers at breakneck speeds.  We currently have two frames in our 5 inch FPV arsenal.  More details are in the frame links above.

Armadillo:  The Armadillo is a fully-enclosed Carbon Fiber body situated atop of an X-frame.  Not only was it designed with a shorter body to reduce drag, it can more easily protect the valuable components stored inside.  An additional selling point is that every single CF piece is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

F1-5: The F1-5 is a classic "bus-style," X-frame.  While a bit more open than the armadillo, the solid carbon top-plate and warrantied bottom plates/arms form a rigid and protected frame.  Designed for a top-mounted battery, this frame is a good starting platform due to the spacious interior.

Chameleon: Armattan's flagship freestyle frame.