5 inch


Ahh, the 5 inch mini-quad... we meet again. 

Five inch propellers are the popular choice at the current moment for most FPV racing or freestyle pilots.  They provide the powerful thrust to weight ratio needed to attain high speeds, as well as keeping the weight and size down enough to be able to perform tight maneuvers at breakneck speeds.  We currently have only one frame in our 5 inch Lite arsenal.  More details can be found in the frame links.

SCX 200:  The SCX 200 is the result of a collaboration between Armattan Quads and Space Cowboy Productions.  This extremely light, yet durable frame is a masterpiece of race engineering.  If you are looking to leave your opponents eating your prop-wash, take a look at this bad-boy.

SCX HD:  The SCX HD is the first Armattan frame designed exclusively to be compatible with the Connex Prosight HD Vision System.  If you love racing, but can't stand analogue video signals, then this is the frame for you.  Smoke your competition with this beautiful adaptation from Space Cowboy Productions.