4 inch

Four inches of love, four inches of power.

Four inch propellers area sweet spot for some FPV pilots.  The lighter weight props create less drag and are easier to spin up and down.  That, combined with the lighter weight frames, provide for a snappier, more agile quad than most five inch machines.  We currently have six frames in our 4 inch FPV arsenal.  More details are in the frame links above.

Armadillo Pup:  The Pup is a fully-enclosed Carbon Fiber body situated atop of an X-frame.  Not only was it designed with a shorter body to reduce drag, it can more easily protect the valuable components stored inside.  An additional selling point is that every single CF piece is covered by our Lifetime Warranty. The only difference from its 5 inch brother?  The length of the arms.

ArmaTank: Designed to provide a lightweight pure-x frame, the ArmaTank lives up to its name.  With features like a 4mm carbon bottom-plate and integrated XT60 protection, this frame was designed to stand up to the destructive forces of 22xx motors hitting something hard.  It also comes with a Uni POD and a CNC'd VTX-mount for all of your FPV needs.

F1-4B: The F1-4B is a classic "bus-style," X-frame.  While a bit more open than the armadillo, the solid carbon top-plate and warrantied bottom plate forms a rigid and protected frame.  Designed for a top-mounted battery, this frame is a good starting platform due to the spacious interior and lighter weight.  It can be purchased with either an 1806 or 22xx motor mounting pattern.

FPV Morphite:  If you're looking to fly something with smaller motors utilizing the 1806 mounting pattern, take a look at the Morphite machines above.  The 180 provides a bus-style H-frame, whereas the 155's give the traditional pure-X.  These machines sport warrantied, 3mm main plates, and the 155's are compatible with either the Fusion, or Uni POD systems.