4 inch

"Aww!  It's so cute!" - Nobody.  But really, it'll scare the ba-jebus out of you.

Four inch propellers provide a different feel than your traditional 5 inch prop.  While some people prefer the straight line performance that 5" offers, 4" shouldn't be underestimated: there is no denying that it has the upper hand in tight corners.  The lighter weight and reduced surface area provide for a machine that easily snaps and rolls faster than your quickest American Alligator (or any other species, for that matter).  We currently have one frame in our 4 inchLite arsenal.  More details are in the frame link above.

SCX 180:  The SCX 180 is the result of a collaboration between Armattan Quads and Space Cowboy Productions.  This extremely light, yet durable frame is a masterpiece of race engineering.  If you are looking to dance ahead of the competition, put your peepers on this puppy.